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Do you want to plant mindfulness in your life? Do you search for anchors to trigger your practice of mindfulness? Even though mobile phones might be seen as one main reason for our constant distraction today, even though a lot of apps out there are designed to be “sticky” – they let you come back to get more small chunks of dopamine, even tough you can use your mobile to overcome your addiction to mobile and grow your own mindfulness! 




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Observe what you see

Observe what you see.
Do not judge.
Do not criticise.
Just really try observe what you see. And nothing more.

Feel the presence

Practice open awareness.
Just observe what is currently there.
Any thoughts or body sensations raising up?
What do you see, smell or feel?

Sense your body

Scan your body from head down to your toes.
Pause and sense the the single parts of your body.
What do you feel?

Find your balance

Stand up or start walking or balance on a stone.
Focus on your feet, your legs, your whole body.
How does it feel?
Are you in balance?

Observe your breath

Focus on your breath.
Try not to control it.
Recognize how the air flows through your nostril and throat.
How the air fills up your lungs and your belly and chest raise.
Then the short moment of stillness between inhaling and exhaling.
Watch how the air flows out of your lungs, how your belly and chest move.
And the short moment before the next inhalation starts.

Slow down into now

The now is the only moment at which we really can exist.
The future is not yet here and the past is over.
Can you slow down into now?
Can you feel the completeness and richness of the current moment?
It is all here and now.

Observe your feelings

What do you feel right now?
Try not to judge.
Try not to comment them.
Just observe.

Observe your thoughts

Watch your thoughts.
Just recognize them.
Try not evaluate them.
Just observe.
If there are too many – try to focus on the space in which they appear.
This space is pure and perfect and persistent.

Feel the here and now

Focus on this moment.
Do not look back, do not look forward.
Just this moment.
The only place for existence.

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